EON Building Systems Presents…

                                New Housing for a New World!

Custom homes featuring our proprietary building products…

                Dura-lock Panels™

                                Dura-lock wall™

                                                Eon-crete Insulation™

                                                                Eon super framework™

Most companies strive to leave their mark on the world. At Eon Built, we plan to make a big splash while leaving our mark as small as possible…

Savvy buyers are compelled to make good economic and environmental decisions while maintaining the highest quality and design aesthetic…


Eon Building systems was founded on one guiding principle; “high quality, aesthetically beautiful homes that are energy-efficient, green and sustainable, do not need to cost more than average homes.”

We listened to our customers carefully, what we heard was, there’s a gap between what homebuyers are looking for and what they are finding on the market.

When we looked closer we found only two ends of the housing market were being served:

1, Marginally constructed, “tract style” housing that are not green,  sustainable or energy-efficient.

2, Very expensive custom homes that could meet their design and sustainability needs but come with a price tag most of us cannot afford.

So to answer the call of a market that’s of desperate need of high quality, energy-efficiency and affordability…

EON uses its own patented building materials enabling a highly efficient building process that takes less time, materials and resources to construct.

This means it costs less to construct an Eon home and those savings are passed along to you.