1 – Affordable Quality…
Get More for your Money
>>>How Eon builds Affordable, Quality homes<<<
1, Less material required to build an Eon home
2, Less labor and time required to build
3, Longer-lasting with less maintenance
2 – Greener and More Sustainable
Help save the environment
>>> Here’s why Eon is Greener and More Sustainable <<<
1, Less initial CO2 footprint during and just after build
2, Huge difference (95% LESS) accumulated of CO2 over time
3, Less materials and energy required to build Eon
3 – Energy Efficiency
Use less energy to heat your home
>>> Eon Built… Saves Energy <<<
1, Eon Built Thermal Mass (Dura-lock Panels™) store energy
2, Eon Built Seamless building envelope keeps the heat in
3, Eon-crete Insulation™ is non-failing and lasts longer
4 – Greater Comfort
Thermal mass walls and less noise = Greater Comfort
>>> Why a Eon build home provide greater comfort <<<
1, Eons perfectly sealed building envelope
2, Much less noise – Provides a superior sound barrier
3, Eon Dura-lock™ panels store and radiate heat
5 – Less Maintenance over time
Concrete based materials means less maintenance time, costs and hassles for you…
>>>How Eon builds lower Maintenance homes<<<
1, Extreme resistance to the elements (wind, rain or sun)
2, Extreme resistance to mold, rotting, wearing or fading out.
3, Extreme resistance to pests, water damage, and decomposition
6 – Greater Durability
Eon is… Built to Last – A minimum of 2x or 3x longer than wood frame
>>> How Eon provide Greater Durability than wood frame <<<
1, Concrete based products lifetime is 5x longer than wood
2, Capable of Handling extreme weather forces without damage
3, Lifespan of 146 years (minimum) according to NAHB
7 – Safety Above All
Withstand severe storms, fires and earthquakes — Eon Built provides unsurpassed safety and physical security.
>>> Eon built provides unsurpassed safety <<<
1, Earthquake resistant – Minimum six times the RLC of wood
2, EON built Dura-lock wall™; four times the fire rating of wood
3, Heavy weather protection – Eon walls are 12 inches thick