EON Materials…. Lighter, Stronger, More refined


Dura-lock Panels™  ~ Dura-lock wall™ ~  Eon-Crete Insulation™ ~ Eon super framework™

Dura-lock Panels™  are  pre-casted in our factory out of a high strength architectural mix concrete with a number of additives including cellular concrete that make the composition of these panels lighter, more fire resistant, more noise resistant and more impervious to water penetration.

Grooves are molded directly into the edges of the panels where spline is used to create a “locking” process in a way where the finished product becomes a single monolithic wall while maintaining ductility (the ability to move if seismic (or other) movement were to occur). This makes the process of building the walls as easy as stacking the panels.

These panels are assembled back-to-back to create the internal and external wall surface of a home in its entirety. This means there’s no additional layers of product required to insulate, weatherproof or make the wall stylish.

Additionally, the precast design and simple insulation process, ultimately saves installation time and as you would expect, the associated cost of labor to build it; this cost savings is passed along to you and is a primary reason Eon homes are so affordable relative to their quality!

A Dura-lock wall™ requires no mortar and by using the technology built into Dura-lock Panels™ becomes a complete monolithic internal and external house wall. There is no need for extra cladding or additional layers of material on any surface to insulate, create a moisture barrier or otherwise make it aesthetically beautiful.

In addition to the panels, Dura-lock walls™ are filled with either a combination of solid concrete and poly-iso-insulation (in areas the super framework is bearing weight) or our Eon-Crete Insulation™.

These walls have many advantages over traditional wood frame including:

Waterproof – closed cell air infiltrated materials in our panels and insulation are highly resistant against water penetration.

Tight envelope – the monolithic envelope structure is completely free of voids, gaps and seams commonly found in traditional wood frame envelopes.

Long-lasting – it is an accepted fact that concrete outlasts other products including wood by a minimum of 3X.

Low maintenance – the system being highly resistant to weather, mold, rot, wear, water and time degradation makes Eon have significantly less maintenance requirements than other building methods.

Resistant to earthquakes – Eon offers the “best available” combination of the three most important earthquake resistance properties: stiffness, strength, and ductility.

Stores energy using thermal mass – the physical structure of the entire wall becomes a thermal mass capable of making a very significant difference in heating or cooling energy requirements.

The majority of insulation that is used in houses today is fraught with challenges including performance, cost, environmental and sustainability issues.

For example, if batt insulation gets wet, it will lose 90% of its efficiency and could then easily form mold that then becomes a health hazard for the home occupants. Liquid spray in foam insulation that has become very popular today is made of chemicals that when subject to heat (fire) will produce caustic smoke, which is very dangerous if inhaled.

To address these and other issues Eon has developed Eon-Crete Insulation™ which is concrete based and will provide superior insulating qualities with no harmful chemical additives.

It is impervious to water because of its high concentration of micro air bubbles, will not develop mold, does not rot, pests cannot eat through it and it is highly resistant to decomposition and degradation.

• Completely non-toxic (no VOCs or dangerous airborne particles (fiberglass))

• Greener product (no chemicals or fiberglass, like batt or spray on insulation)

• Made from 85% air; the rest of the materials ( sand, aggregate, water and cement) constitute only 15% of its total volume)

• Less natural resources and energy required to produce than other forms of insulation.

• Is NOT prone to failure like batt insulation. (if batt insulation absorbs 10% moisture it’s R- value can drop by 90%)

• Long-lasting and durable – (impervious to water, mold and pests that would destroy other forms of insulation)

An Eon super framework™ is similar to the structural concept of post-and beam that has been utilized in construction for thousands of years.

During the process of installing the Dura-lock walls, vertical areas within the wall system are “formed off” so solid concrete with steel reinforcement can be poured directly into these areas forming “posts”. Similarly, the top of the wall system are set up for solid concrete pours to create “beam” structures.

The two (post and beam) are tied together forming an internal framework that will hold the entire structure together.

This gives the Eon system a structural advantage of more physical strength and flexibility in architectural design. Larger door and window openings, that would be difficult or impossible to design into a wall, are now possible because of the Eon super framework within the wall. This is because the framework is capable of supporting the entire structure independent from other support elements like the Dura-lock panels.